Erika Olivarez, M.A./Founder

Mental Performance Coach & Consultant

Erika is a Mental Performance Coach with a focus on cultivating growth in Elite Athletes. Helping athletes work on their Mindset, Performance & Well-Being Goals.

Elite Athletes who can conquer their mental strength with CORE abilities will unleash havoc in the game! Her style is a partnership helping clients overcome performance barriers related to performance anxiety, negative thought patterns of perfectionism, pressure & competition stress. Making the uncomfortable an opportunity to reach their success. Erika helps athletes and high performers get out of their comfort zone & access their confidence to maximize their strengths.

With a whole person approach & over 20 years in the psychology field—Erika endows bespoke strategies to elite athletes and high performers through her unique style of mental performance coaching. Specializing in getting athletes and high performers the growth mindset to achieve confidence. Embracing a culturally responsive holistic approach in connecting your mind and body-with presence & activation.

Born in Salinas, Erika grew up in a traditional immigrant Mexican family where her core values of enduring the grit & grind of life made her strength of perseverance so prevalent today. Erika is anchored in commitment towards her goals & dedicated to accountability partnerships to endure challenges. As an endurance runner Erika is strengthened with a mental-physique to overcome adversity. With overcoming many challenges, comes many lessons—Erika embodies essence through instilling a strong sense of community, empathy, trust, respect, integrity, determination and interweaves that into her coaching. With a background as a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in California, Erika has inspired many people to become an agent of change. Through experiencing so many aspects in life as wife/mother/runner/entrepreneur/clinician & mental performance coach. Erika always intends to build something special that allows internal growth within her clients through insight and coaching. It is Erika’s mission to help athletes and high performers see the benefits of mental strengthening!

Ready to make the change…

Make the change with your mindset and move into action towards DOMINATING your goals!